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Tooth Replacements

Tooth replacement in Charlotte, NC

If you have a missing tooth and are committed to finally filling in the spaces in your smile or bite, you might not know where to start. Don’t worry, Dr. Rebecca Bradley of QC South Dentistry has your back with many cosmetic and restorative dentistry options designed to replace missing teeth. There are three main ways to replace a tooth: partial denture, dental bridge, or implant.

Partial Denture Defined

This is the most cost effective option to replace teeth. The challenges with partial dentures are that you have to take it out at night and there’s extra hardware against your teeth that take some adjusting to. This is a better option when several teeth are missing. It is much easier to function with than a complete denture because it is held more stable by your existing teeth.

Dental Bridges Defined

A dental bridge is a great option to replace a tooth because it is all done in office and it is less expensive than an implant. The biggest downside for a bridge is that it’s harder to keep clean because it connects (or bridges) three teeth. You need to thread floss underneath to clean. If you are committed to keeping it clean, it’s a really beautiful option that stays in your mouth and makes you look good as new.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are ultimately the best option, but the most expensive. It is building a tooth from scratch. A titanium screw (implant) is placed in the bone and a connector piece (called an abutment) and crown is placed on top. It stays in your mouth and looks just like a natural tooth. We work with a specialist to place the implant (screw) in the bone. Then, you return to us to make it look like a tooth.

Why it's important to replace teeth

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